September 18, 2017


Your South Bay Steering Committee has been busy! Following are the basics regarding the major projects we are working on currently:


  • 45th Parallel Park Potential Site
    • 25 acres located at the southeast corner of US 23 and South Partridge Point Rd.


  • Bi-Path Extension
    • Planning meeting with RS Scott & Associates resulted in preference for a location along an Alpena Township property easement south of Island Drive to a location along US 23 east of Pohl Road. The Bi-Path could then extend south along a power company and MDOT right of way to South Partridge Point Road.
    • Are working with US 23 North businesses to complete a section from Sunset Boulevard to the Northeastern State Trail. Walkers and bikers could then travel from the Mackinac Bridge to Squaw Bay someday!


  • Partridge Point Park
    • Gravel resurfacing project delayed as DNR Forestry Division did not have enough personnel due to fighting forest fires out West
    • We have recently received a commitment from Goodrich for additional gravel
    • “No Litter” sign has been purchased and needs to be installed
    • Gary Parteka volunteered to build a picnic table next spring
    • DNR approved a 24”x 24” sign at the entrance to Frog Lane at a cost of $32
      • Don volunteered to complete the appropriate county permit application
    • DNR also approved two 18” x 120” signs in cooperation with MDOT at a cost of $675 x2=$1,350
      • “Billboard” permit needs to be submitted to MDOT
      • We will pay for the signs as the DNR does not have the money in its budget
    • New steering committee members
      • We are proud to announce that we have three new steering committee members:
        • Kari Bleau-Alpena Township Clerk
        • Jackie Krawczek- President/CEO of the Alpena Area Chamber of Commerce
        • Katie Wolf- Friends of Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary
      • They join Hal Neiman, Brian Winter, Bob Young, Bernie Lamp, Gary Parteka, Don Duval, and Larry Clark