June 5, 2017


1) The bike path effort reaches $60,000 goal!

2) Alpena Township chipping in

3) This is our 5th clean-up. Let’s not skip it! 

Some of us have been working very hard lately (that would be Larry) and the fruits of those labors are beginning to sprout. Here’s what you need to know: 

  1. South Bay has raised enough money to fund the bike path pre-engineering study.

This is an enormous milestone for the community which, through grants and just plain donations, including great support from Alpena Township, has pushed South Bay over its required $60,000 match for the pre-engineering, design, and survey work on the bike path extension from Island Drive to South Partridge Point Road. (We will provide a complete list of donors in the next E-letter.) With the help of R.S. Scott Engineering, which has completed a scope of work for the project, we hope to include a meandering pathway (not a straight line) that might venture behind a few trees, include a bridge or two, a couple of benches, and be a pretty, scenic ride.

The pre-engineering study, it must be emphasized, is only for the bike path extension. Once on the path, bikers or walkers could use either North Partridge Point Road (paved) or South Partridge Point Road (not paved) to get to “Frog Lane,” a little roadway South Bay and the DNR have rebuilt to connect Partridge Point Road to a small parking area. From there, it is possible to access the shoreline. Eventually (maybe yet this summer) it is our plan to install a couple of picnic tables and a kayak launch at this area, which the DNR wants to call “Partridge Point Park.” The road re-build needs just a bit more gravel; the DNR has indicated it will finish that. Next comes a sign or two, and we’ll be ready for a “grand opening.”

The hoped-for 45th Parallel Park project –along US-23 near the 45th Parallel sign at Squaw Bay –  hit a number of obstacles, but that’s not unusual. Finding the right spot of land acceptable to MDOT, the DEQ, and the DNR, and getting a governmental entity to take ownership of the park is no easy task. Larry continues to work on this.

  1. Alpena Township is helping out:

Alpena Township contributed $8,000 of the $60,000 we needed for the bike path pre-engineering study, including $3,000 from 2016-17 and $5,000 from 2017-18 fiscal years. That’s a big step forward. The township and South Bay have also signed a “Letter of Understanding” that with those contributions South Bay agrees to provide regular updates, invoices, and photos of the work.

  1. This is our 5th Annual Clean-up. Let’s do it!:

MDOT’s US-23 resurfacing caused us to postpone our annual clean-up, and energy may be flagging to get it done this year. Still, if we don’t sweep out the driveways and pick up some litter this year it will be twice as bad next.

So… what do you say? Can we set aside a Saturday, or even half a one, to show up and clean up in 2017? We’ll get right back to you with a date!