October 20, 2017


The South Bay Steering Committee has been busy! Following are the basics regarding the major projects we are working on:


  • 45th Parallel Park Potential Site
    • 25 acres located at the southeast corner of US 23 and South Partridge Point Rd. The owner is willing to sell the property at cost for the development of a welcome center, park, trails, and boardwalk to Squaw Bay!


  • Bi-Path Extension
    • Planning meeting with RS Scott & Associates resulted in preference for a location along an Alpena Township property easement south of Island Drive to a location along US 23 east of Pohl Road. The Bi-Path could then extend south along a power company and MDOT right of way to South Partridge Point Road.
    • We are also exploring taking the Bi-Path south from Island Drive all the way to South Partridge Point Rd. along township easements, thereby staying away from the busy US 23 roadway!
    • Furthermore, we are working on developing a new trail from Island Dr. along Harbor Dr. and north behind the old Kmart building on power company right-of-way to Michigan Ave. and on to Mich-e-ke-wis Park. This would enable bikers and walkers to have the option of avoiding US 23 South in Alpena Township where the speed limits are higher than the city. Or they could cruise a loop from Mich-e-ke-wis Park to Island Dr. along US 23 South, east along Island Dr., and north along Harbor Dr. Then, they could go behind the commercial properties and through woods and along residential streets back to Mich-e-ke-wis!
    • Also, we are working with US 23 North businesses to complete a section from Sunset Boulevard to the Northeastern State Trail. Walkers and bikers could then travel from the Mackinac Bridge to Squaw Bay someday!


  • Partridge Point Park
    • Gravel resurfacing project delayed as DNR Forestry Division did not have enough personnel due to fighting forest fires out West
    • We have recently received a commitment from Goodrich for additional gravel
    • “No Litter” sign has been purchased and needs to be installed
    • Gary Parteka volunteered to build a picnic table next spring
    • DNR approved a 24”x 24” sign at the entrance to Frog Lane at a cost of $32
    • DNR also approved two 18” x 120” signs in cooperation with MDOT at a cost of $675 x2=$1,350
      • “Billboard” permit needs to be submitted to MDOT
      • We will pay for the signs as the DNR does not have the money in its budget


  • New steering committee members
    • We are proud to announce that we have three new steering committee members:
      • Kari Bleau-Alpena Township Clerk
      • Jackie Krawczek- President/CEO of the Alpena Area Chamber of Commerce
      • Katie Wolf- Friends of Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary

They join Hal Neiman, Brian Winter, Bob Young, Bernie Lamp, Gary Parteka, Don Duv